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A whimsical security analysis of the open, public and decentralized bitcoin system, compared to the closed, proprietary and centralized alternatives. The price for Bitcoin drops steeply over the next 26 minutes. Don't Miss a Single Story Over 5,000 Currencies. With Newsfeed: Discover New Opportunities You Didnt Know Existed With our newsfeed, information comes to you. These start-ups have raised substantial funds and some prominent industry leaders have come on board.

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Published_on: Jan 19 2016 Tags: Article, Bitcoin, Opinion admore Amazing analogy from Glenn Hutchins, from a meeting Oon January 14, 2016, where Brookings convened a roundtable technical discussions about the future of distributed ledger technology with industry and policy stakeholders. It was fun to actually be more informed than some of my new friends there simply because I had the Newsfeed available to me all day. Without Newsfeed: Waste Time. Positive Sentiment, the value of the currency may be positively affected by this news. Keeping track of hundreds of news sources is a full time job, and you have other important things. Nothing Aggregated or Scraped By Bots Handwritten By Humans. Below the full post, for the comments see the post on Reddit.

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