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hot wallet is very worrying. Targeted at the forums ISP, NFOrce, the attacker tricked the ISP into handing over passwords, emails, and other security sensitive information. BitFinex currently handles approximately 10 of the total bitcoin trading volume and has traded 13,595.53 BTC in the past 24 hours.

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They suspect that their hot wallet keys have been compromised. If correct, it would put the amount of bitcoin lost in the hack just more than 1,400 or around.06 percent of the companys total holdings. Bitfinex said that any losses experienced by users would be fully absorbed by the exchange but did not give any specific timing as to when they would be reimbursed or how victims could notify the startup of their damages. We are in the process of creating a new hot wallet and will advise within the next few hours. Or will the culprit be traced through the block chain and brought to justice? Lets start with what etherscan calls.

Bitcoin address with balance chart. Wallet : Bitfinex -coldwallet: Received: 1,943,295.03 59 BTC (5615 ins). BitFinex s, hot Wallet, hacked, More Than 1,500 Bitcoins Stolen update. BitFinex s hot wallet has been compromised. The hack may have resulted in the loss of only.5 of the total funds, however.

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