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to set up 3D printing centers aiming to put South Korea at the forefront of the. More Gartner Says Early Adopters of 3D Printing Could Gain an Innovation Advantage Over Rivals Mar.26, 2013 - Enterprises should start experimenting with 3D printing technology to improve traditional product design and prototyping, with the potential to create new product lines and markets, says Gartner. One of interesting questions was about 3D printing, and its potential to change the distribution of products. More Four tips for finding the right wall thickness to turn your 3D model into a 3D print Mar.10, 2016 - If you've ever not been able to print your 3D model because its walls were too thin, you're certainly not alone. Basically it uses optical tweezers to synthesize drugs atom-by-atom.

Vrije val bitcoin
vrije val bitcoin

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More Organovo's 3D printed liver could detect the toxicity of a drug Aug.19, 2014 - Pioneering 3D printing biology company Organovo announced that it has passed a major drug test with the companys 3D bioprinting technology. Org looks at twelve of the biggest technological breakthroughs of 2016 that are about to transform manufacturing forever. More Fleximatter makes large furniture 3D printable with high-speed color-blending 3D printing tech Nov.6, 2016 - Israeli startup Fleximatter could bring extrusion-based 3D printing to commercial manufacturing with a revolutionary high-speed color-blending 3D printing technology that can produce furniture in just a few hours. More Warwick engineers develop micro-SLA 3D printing process for functional piezoceramic materials Feb.8, 2016 - A team of engineers from the University of Warwick have just developed a new microstereolithography technique for 3D printing functional piezoceramic materials that can be used for the production. The volumetric 3D printing process prints objects all at once, rather than layer by layer. More 'PhotonControl' uses Optical Coherence Tomography, Raman spectroscopy to test quality of bioprinted tissue Aug.7, 2017 - Scientists from Würzburg and Lübeck in Germany are attempting to improve the quality control of 3D bioprinted tissue implants. More Metal 3D printing supports 'eaten away' in electrochemical process developed at Arizona State Apr.20, 2017 - Owen Hildreth, an assistant professor of 3D nanofabrication at Arizona State University (ASU has devised an electrochemical process that could be used to 'eat away' the support structures. More SAE International issues four aerospace additive manufacturing technical standards Jun.14, 2018 - The Aerospace Material Specification committee on Additive Manufacturing (AMS-AM) at SAE International, a global engineering standards association in Warrendale, Pennsylvania, has released its first suite of Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS) additive manufacturing.

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